the five rivers - prerelease


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There were five main rivers that appear both in the real world and the underworld. Their names were meant to reflect the emotions associated with death....

The Styx is known as the river of hatred and is named after the goddess Styx. It is said that this river circles the underworld nine times...

The Acheron is the river of pain. According to Euripides, it is the river that Charon, also known as the Ferryman, rows the dead in the ferry across the Styx to enter Hades....

The Lethe is the river of oblivion. It is associated with the goddess Lethe, or the goddess of forgetfulness and oblivion....

The Phlegethon is the river of fire. According to Plato, this river led to the depths of Tartarus....

The Kokytos is the river of wailing....


released May 17, 2014



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vANdERlAMP Vienna, Austria

johannes gruber is a vienna (a) based producer of electronic and other music. from learning to play the cello and later guitar as a child he incorporated the world of synths and sample-based music in the last years.
though not limited to this his main focus is on ambient, soundscapes and triphop that he mixes with all kinds of other influences like field recordings and things alike.
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